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-On The Saddle-


In a literal sense, portraits of cyclists on the saddles from the saddle.


To elaborate further, I rode my bike along with others on a ride event called Rapha Caravan,hosted by UK's cycle apparel brand, Rapha, in March 2020. I shot these portraits with a Leica Q2 28mm lens without stopping movement. Both the photographer and the subjects are inthe same physicality at the same moment. We both are performing arts, in a way, at live and improvisation.


All cyclists come with diverse backgrounds and values: language, age, gender, profession,social status, or country... Once we begin riding away on the saddles, such unessential elements for a ride disappear, and we reveal our true selves. With nothing more to protect than helmets, yet in the most living state, we begin slowly uncovering our sufferings, pleasures, physical and mental strength, emotions, and very natures.


It is said that the origin of the word Portrait  comes from the Latin word Protrahere  , meaning revelation or discovery. Cyclists on the saddles are naked figures without heavy armors we all have to wear to live today. I believe photographing cyclists on the saddles, therefore, delivers the exact essence of the portraits.


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